Food Inflammation Test and Doctor's Review

30 minutes @ US$400.00, By phone, Online/Video chat

This provides you with the most reliable Food Inflammation Test that I have found.  The KBMO Labs FIT 132 tests 132 different foods and additives with a simple finger stick blood sample.  I'll send you the kit, you follow the simple steps and forward it to the lab.  Results in about 14 days.  We will get together on a call or video chat to discuss the results and give you my recommendations.  Finding out exactly which food are inflammatory to you is a game changer!

You will receive:
  • FIT 132 Kit mailed to you
  • 30 Minute consult with the doctor to review the results
  • Access to KBMO Labs app with your results
  • Discount on supplements and any future services you may choose

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