You may notice I don't often write about research studies or complicated scientific analysis. It's not because it's unimportant, but for most of my audience, data and research articles only add to the overwhelm.  

However, I do want to discuss a recent study on the effects of Glyphosate, an herbicide (definition: a chemical agent that destroys plants or inhibits their growth ) used on crops such as wheat and corn. This herbicide most commonly goes by the name Roundup and is now the most used agricultural chemical ever. Since its inception in 1974, 10 million tons have been sprayed on the crops used for your food and the food eaten by all the animals you eat. It's pervasive even in organic crops due to runoff and over-spraying. It's even been found consistently in breast milk. Simple fact, it's everywhere.

Why is this such a big deal? Because a new study has found that glyphosate disrupts our gut microbiome and blood levels regulators claim to be safe. So we all know too much of anything can be harmful but this study proves that even small amounts of this stuff IS harmful.

Here is a link to an article summarizing the research study. 

The likelihood of you and your family's health having been affected by this stuff is high. Digestive problems (of course), allergies, skin issues, and even blood disorders are all linked to Glyphosate. 

For many of us, this isn't surprising as there have been multi-million dollar lawsuits won in the past few years against the makers of Roundup due to severe health conditions attributed to this nasty stuff.  

But really what can we do? On a personal level, eating organic, limiting grains in general is probably wise. We should also fuel ourselves with nutrients that support health, clean water, and detoxification techniques like sweating through exercise and sauna can be beneficial. 

While this is a dire subject for our nation's food supply, nature inevitably comes through for us in the most interesting ways. Some substances used to be found in our soil, called Humic and Fulvic molecules, that have been shown to bind to and dispose of Glyphosate from our body.  

The white paper linked here shows the ability of their Humic and Fulvic product to help seal the gut lining and expel Glyphosate. The product, by the brilliant researcher, Dr. Zach Bush, is called Ion Biome and is a well-regarded product in its own right.

I have come across a supplement company called Mother Earth Labs that incorporates these "magic" molecules into several of their products. They offer a liquid multivitamin, a concentrated liquid, easy capsules, and even pet support that all include Humic and Fulvic in their ingredients. 

This product is added to the daily smoothie I make so that I ensure each member of my family is protected against the glyphosate we are inevitably consuming. I knew the dangers but this recent study was a powerful reminder. This is no sales gimmick, I advise you to do the same for the good of your family. 

The link to purchase these gut-healing products is here.  

Get the Humic and Fulvic in whichever form is most convenient to you. We use the liquid most often at our house since we can take it by the teaspoon, add it to our water bottle, or add a splash in our smoothie. If you need a powerful all-in-one multivitamin, check out the ph Balancer and if you have questions on what would be right for you, simply reach out via email or schedule a call with me to discuss your health. 

Live Well,

Dr. Troy


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