Choosing supplements can be overwhelming, but I’d like to share with you what I consider my “go to” supplement for overall health: Humic and Fulvic. I consider it a foundational necessity.

Dr. Troy Willis: Supplements for Digestive Health
While it is a very safe supplement, there is a method its use and it is important to work with someone who is experienced so that a proper dosage can be decided upon. An experienced professional can also walk you through any side effects that might come up. 

What It Is

Fulvic and Humic acids are components of humus (no, not the bean dip) and humus is essentially a component of healthy soil. They are two powerful molecules of many that are  left behind as plant and animal matter decay into its most basic chemical elements. Fulvic and Humic acids are keys to life as we know it and, while they have been used in ancient cultures for many years (see shilajit), their availability in nature is minimal in our modern world due to environmental toxins, pesticides, and other damaging agricultural practices.

The quality Fulvic and Humic acids depends on the quality of the soil, which is why supplement companies are going to great depths (literally) and to the ends of the earth (kind of literally) to extract these lost substances from the best sources. 

What It Does

Electrolytes and other trace minerals found in this supplement are crucial to proper metabolic functions, intestinal health, and nutritional assimilation. The microorganisms we obtain from Fulvic acid can lower many unwanted intestinal symptoms like constipation, bloating, diarrhea and food sensitivities.

Besides providing natural nutrients, fulvic acid improves the transport of vitamins and other nutrients to cells and increases the absorption rate of nutrition by its chemical makeup.

Another benefit of taking Fulvic and Humic supplements is that it has been reported to be pH balancing, which can protect against an excessively acidic environment.

It's been shown that Fulvic acid solution has several antioxidant properties as well and has the potential to safeguard against cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer's disease. Studies also show that Fulvic acid may help lower the incidence of tau fibrils that are considered to be precursors to brain diseases. Humic acids can be beneficial for digestive function and for their detoxifying ability to bind waste and metals that enter your body through food, water, prescription drugs, home products and the environment. These amazing mineral complexes, studied by Biomic Labs have been found to offset damage to the gut lining caused by a specific pesticide called Glyphosate, which is the chemical found in Round Up.

For these reasons and my personal experience with it, I consider Fulvic and Humic supplementation to be an integral part of healing in today's toxic world.

My History With F&H

I learned of this stuff from a brilliant, triple board certified doctor named Zach Bush.  I listened to several interviews with him on podcasts and they were eye-opening to say the least. Hearing him helped me connect the dots about the three evil g's : Glyphosate, Gluten, and GMO's.  

One of his best interviews can be found here .  

Halfway through this interview, I was like, "Whatever he's selling, I'm buying!"  What he was selling was called "Restore", which has recently been renamed "Ion Biome". (like the below video shows). 

I choose to get my H&F from a company called Mother Earth Labs. They are reputable, caring and offer more concentrated supplements for less money. I often get on the phone with the chief science office there when I need some cell biology help. It has been an imperative part of healing my gut and should be for you as well.

I hope this  post serves you well in your journey to digestive health and I'm happy to help in any way I can. What I've learned in 30+ years fighting this battle is that none of us are perfect.  The diseases and issues related to gut health are often frustrating and we need support. 

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Happy Healing!

Dr. Troy Willis


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