By now you know my personal experience with Crohn's disease.

Healing my Crohn's was way harder, took longer,  and was quite honestly more dangerous that it needed to be—all because I made it that way.  

In the early days of my disease I was waiting for a pill to fix me and for too long I relied on a medical model that quite frankly didn’t have answers for me.  I bought into the idea that I was just unlucky and was destined to deal with Crohn's until they found a cure. This mindset kept me isolated and stuck without health or hope.

I made things harder on myself because I was determined to "suffer" my way to health. I restricted my diet in unhelpful ways, only to realize that the physical and emotional stress of this approach and lack of nutrients made me even more sick. 

Eventually I became jaded by traditional medicine and began to study my disease from a holistic perspective. What I discovered helped me to replace my search for a magic pill with the quest for natural herbs and supplements that would heal my gut instead of masking my symptoms.

The years I spent searching led me to piece together a healing framework that brought me health, hope and relief. Even though my journey was more difficult than it might have otherwise been, I don’t consider it wasted because I am now equipped to help more people who struggle with urgency and diarrhea get well. I believe I can help them avoid the pain, missed opportunities and expense that I suffered. I can walk with them through the hardest part of their journey with digestive issues and offer them support and options.

I am not bashing traditional medicine and am truly thankful for the resources and options available to us in this country. I realize the risk that can be involved in looking elsewhere for healing and I’m sensitive to that with all of my clients. I know that every person’s journey is different and it can be frightening to consider a path that doesn’t look to traditional medicine as the ultimate answer.

The truth is that your approach to healing should depend on where you are in your healing journey. It shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. It should meet the needs you have now and offer you a long-term plan to gut health.

If you’re exhausted from hitting dead ends in your healing journey, I’m here to help. You don’t have to face this experience alone. Schedule a free 20-minute Telehealth consultation with me and let’s talk about where you’ve been and where you want to be. I’m happy to support you.

Happy healing!

Dr. Troy Willis
The Unfortunate Expert 


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