This week I thought I’d share a tool I’ve carried in my toolbox for some time. This is a technique that works for me and that has helped many of my clients over the years. Consider it a “sneak peek” into one of the many tools I use in my Solid Gut System program.

I know we have all heard about the “mind-body connection” or even the “gut-brain connection”. Many studies have proven that the connection between the mind and the body is a powerful one that can either cause distress or promote healing.

But what if I told you that by separating your mind from your body, you could make better food choices, settle your gut in a moment of stress, and over time, even help heal the neural pathways that have become ingrained.

Confused? Let me explain.

Imagine your gut as a friend who needs your support. Maybe this friend is drinking too much,  doing drugs, or something else you knew was harmful to them…you would speak up, right? You would help guide your friend towards making better choices. It may sound silly, but the idea is to do the same for yourself...to be a supportive leader and a “guide” of sorts to your gut and to your digestive system as a whole-  as if they were your friend and you were looking in from the outside.

Separating your rational mind from the poor food choices or other poor decisions that you’re making can be extremely helpful and when making positive changes and adopting new habits. 

This same technique can be applied to calm the gut in times of stress or when you’re experiencing a flare up of symptoms. Are you acting as a supportive influence, reassuring your gut that things are okay and that it doesn't need to overreact? Or are you contributing to the problem? 

Many of us do this inherently with self-talk in some way. But using the Separation Technique takes it a step further. Using visualization (your gut as your friend) and even adding a calming touch for relaxation can be extremely powerful that can affect the way you see your symptoms play out.

Be the supportive leader that your friend, the gut, needs!

Tools for Healing Crohn's or Colitis Mind Body Separation
And if this doesn't resonate with you, that's ok! I have plenty of other tools and we’ll work together to find one (or several) that provide that same aha moment for you that the Separation Technique has given others! 

Happy Healing!

Dr. Troy
“The Unfortunate Expert”

PS- If you’re ready to heal your digestive issues once and for all….let’s talk! Schedule a time that works best for you here!


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